How Amazon’s Alexa is the Flint that Will Spark a Business Revolution

In the Agrarian Age, there was no mechanization; farm businesses were limited by the number of unskilled labors (slaves) they could employ and by the length of the growing season. The stronger and faster the worker was, the more valuable he was to the business. However, as the tractor and other farm equipment were developed, they replace the [...]

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Curiosity: The Fundamental Attribute of Successful Entrepreneurs that No One talks about

Most business articles neglect to discuss one fundamental attribute that is a critical part of a successful small business owner's personality. This dimension of their personality is so important that some say it is the linchpin to business success. Yet, rarely do you see it discussed in any business books. So, what is this attribute? It [...]

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VARK – Why Your Content Marketing Is Falling on Deaf Ears

VARK is an anachronism that stands for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic sensory modalities. It is used to define the preferred perceptual preference of how people best learn new content. Some people can easily switch from one communication preference to another, depending on the context of the content. These types of people are considered multimodal. However, most people [...]

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Revenue Comes in 3 Flavors

Every business makes investments to create revenue for itself. All too often business owners consider cash as its only source of revenue worthy of investments. However, revenue actually comes in three flavors:

1.  Cash 2.  Attention and trust 3.  Referrals

Everyone can easily recognize cash as a source of revenue in a sales transaction; a business [...]

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Are You a Workaholic?

Have you ever noticed how our culture celebrates the idea of being a workaholic? It's almost like a badge of honor to kill yourself for work. I think society romanticize workaholics and view them as team players who are always willing to go the extra mile. However, I think if you are a workaholic, you are missing the point. Workaholics try [...]

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How Deep Is Your Audience?

Recently, I have been exploring my analytics and revisiting my Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). What began to dawn on me as I attempted to make actionable sense of all this data was that I was falling into the same trap that most businesses owners do when looking at their social media performance. Many of my metrics and the things I [...]

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