Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week October 22 2016

4 factors to consider when choosing a co-working space USA TODAY By: Steve Nicastro Even if you miss networking with co-workers, not all co-working spaces are a good fit. Read the full story How Instagram and Snapchat Are Distorting Your View of Entrepreneurship Inc. By: Angela Benton Your biggest misconceptions on entrepreneurship might be coming from social media. Here's how to avoid them. Read [...]

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Make Client Interactions More Memorable with This Technique

My advice to small business owners making sales calls is to use some type of icebreaker and share a story to make you stand out. Several years ago, a delegation from South Korean visited our company. At the time we were working with a publicly traded company whose product, floppy disks, was being eclipse by technology. We were experimenting with a [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week October 15 2016

Today's focus is what it takes to become and make it as an Entrepreneur. Money, Fame, or Impact: Why Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Inc. By: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun Knowing your true motivation for starting a business could make the difference between success and failure. Although the article assumes a Venture focused business, the advice is eaqually appropriate for lifestype business.    Read more »

Is Your Organizational Model Flawed?

My youngest son, Hank, works in an upscale country club restaurant. He works in what is known in the restaurant business as the “back of the house,” a.k.a. the kitchen. The hostess, waitresses, and bartenders work in what is known as the “front of the house.” Many businesses are set up in a similar way where one part of the [...]

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How to Exploit Bad Press

The FAA recently issued a safety alert to the airlines regarding the Samsung Note 7 and its exploding battery issue. Airline gate attendants announce to millions of travelers every day the special regulation to completely turn off the Note 7 phone to avoid a potential battery explosion during flight. To the everyday person, this might seem like horrible news for Samsung. [...]

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4 Publishing Industry Lessons To Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Since I have been writing articles related to small business for years and recently codified many of them into books, I began to think about the differences between the revenue sources and expenses of a magazine vs. that of a book. While they both are based on the content produced by a writer to deliver their end product, the return [...]

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