How to Find a Viable Customer

Tow TruckWhat do we mean by viable?

It is a pretty good assumption that you own a car. Therefore, you are a potential customer for anyone selling a car.  However, it is equally likely that while you are a potential customer for a car dealer, you are not considered “viable” since you are not looking to buy a new car today.

A consumer’s viability window often opens and shuts pretty quickly.  Therefore, it is critical that you either present a barrage of advertising day after day in the hopes that your promotion coincides with the opening of the consumer’s viability window, or you could look for signals that your customer gives to show that he is viable.

Let’s continue with our example of selling a car.  If a potential customer wrecks his car, how would he signal his viability to buy a replacement?

Perhaps he calls his insurance agent or a tow-truck company.  Here are two people that now know their client has signaled he may be a viable customer for a replacement vehicle.

What if the car dealer had a working relationship with the insurance agent and/or tow-truck driver, and there was an adequate incentive for these people to share their knowledge of clients in need of replacement vehicles with the car dealer?

To whom do your potential customers turn who could signal that their clients are viable customers for your products or services?

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