Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 6, 2017

17 Things About Business Your Teachers Didn’t Tell You

By: Jordan Kasteler

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Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true. But it may not be the dream you signed up for. Like many entrepreneurs, I knew I wanted to be a business owner since I was a kid–and all the way through college. But the realities of what it means to run a small business are very different from what teachers tell you. Here are 20 of the surprising ways that owning a business is not like what you were told in school.  Read the full story

Related Book: Before you LeapBefore You Leap is a wisdom packed book that was written for the nascent entrepreneur. It uses stories and personal examples from the author to reveal uncommon things that can make or break your venture before it starts. The book not only gives the entrepreneur the tools for self reflections but also exposes readers to options to building a full blown business around their idea.

Why Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Aren’t Using Content Marketing

Business 2 Community
By:  Karen Repoli

Content MarketingI recently asked a group of entrepreneurs, “As a small business or solopreneur who’s not using content marketing, what is your reason?” The answers were intriguing, read on to see if you have the same questions.  Read the full story

Related Book: Practical Marketing ConceptsPractical Marketing Concepts For Your Small Business is a wisdom packed book that was written for the budget conscious entrepreneur looking to better market their products or services. The author has distilled a lifetime of business marketing content that every entrepreneurs should consider applying to their business. Practical Marketing Concepts For Your Small Business is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice delivered in small bites that the reader can use to make incremental improvements to their marketing efforts.

What Makes Entrepreneurs Successful? They Create Friction and Go Against the Grain.

By: Kathryn Minshew

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Successful entrepreneurs didn’t get to where they are by doing what everyone else was doing. Read the full story

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Facebook Marketing: Why It Is Time to Rethink Everything

Social Media Examiner
By: Michel Stelzner

Facebook Algorithm Do you use Facebook to market your business? Wondering how marketing on Facebook is evolving? The author explains that the Facebook algorithm pre-filters content that users see in their news feeds. The algorithm manages the vast amount of content posted to Facebook and thus helps advertisers, while hopefully showing Facebook users the most relevant content among the thousands of posts they could see. Lets explore how marketers should adjust to Facebook’s recent and future change.  Read the full story


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