Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 13, 2017

How Debt and Taxes Can Make Smart Entrepreneurs Rich

By: Robert Kiyosaki

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My wife Kim and I have hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. We pay little to nothing in taxes. We are very rich, members of the 1 percent that gets crowds screaming about economic inequality. And we sleep very well at night. Debt and taxes: Those two words make most Americans feel anxious and keep many up at night. That’s because most Americans — even highly-educated people with six-figure salaries — lack basic financial knowledge about how to use debt to make money and how to avoid paying taxes, legally and ethically. Read the full story

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7 Ways Even the Least Social Media Savvy Entrepreneur Can Be an Internet Darling

By: Serhat Pala

Social Media
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If you have trouble tweeting, issues with Instagram or get frustrated by Facebook, check out these seven tips to keep your social accounts active. Read the full story

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The Simplest Ideas Can Be Extremely Profitable. Here’s Proof.

By:  Stephen Key

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Does the licensing lifestyle sound too good to be true? It might. But, if you’re creative and you hustle, you can pitch and rent out your ideas for consumer products to companies with global distribution. In fact, I can tout the power of open innovation because I’ve practiced it myself.  Read the full story

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How to get money for your entrepreneurial dream

By: Jeff Stibel

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The vast majority of business owners started their companies because they loved their industry and believed they could provide a great product or service. Passion is important and sexy, but boring financing is equally important. Businesses need working capital to grow and to cover cash flow fluctuations. The problem is most entrepreneurs I know hate raising money. It can be frustrating, and the consequences of making a wrong choice are severe. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are a few things I’ve learned as an entrepreneur and investor that can help you find the right financial partner to get the capital you need. Read the full story

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