Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week July 29, 2017

This week’s top stories include information covering the following four topics:

  • A Simple Zero-Cost Fix for All Your Marketing
  • For Real Rainmaking in the Digital Age, Try Snail Mail
  • 9 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand
  • 7 Powerful Emotions All Entrepreneurs Feel

Each week we scour all the top business-related magazines and newspapers for articles with the best advice for the small business owner, so you do not have to.

A Simple Zero-Cost Fix for All Your Marketing

By: David Finkel

CREDIT: Getty Images

Here is a simple principle that is guaranteed to make all your marketing more powerful: Lead with your most compelling, gripping, or attention grabbing headline. Read the full story

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For Real Rainmaking in the Digital Age, Try Snail Mail

By: Tim Askew

CREDIT: Getty Images

In the clutter and cacophony of the digital age and its mind-numbingly vast quantity of social media platforms, it is easy to pretend we are in relationship to one another. We’re not. Using these platforms, more often than not, is a lazy attempt to look like we care and personally relate, when, in fact, we are impersonally trying to extend sales reach–the assumption being that quantity trumps quality. It does not when dealing with real decision makers. If you want to initiate new business with real corporate decision makers, write a letter. Learn how to craft an effective introductory letter. Read the full story

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9 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

By: Joseph Steinberg

CREDIT: Getty Images

Many folks do not consciously work on developing their personal brands – leading to others inevitably de facto creating one for them – most successful people do make a conscious effort to create, preserve, and enhance their brands. As such, here are 9 techniques to help you develop your own brand. Read the full story

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7 Powerful Emotions All Entrepreneurs Feel

By: Nicolas Cole

CREDIT: Getty Images

Before I started my first company, I remember watching my mentor go through the ups and downs of serial entrepreneurship. On the days when life was good, he would radiate unflinching confidence. On the days when the waters weren’t going his way, he would get stressed and have to step away to think hard about how to solve for that day’s problems. With both extremes, I never understood what he was feeling–until I stepped into entrepreneurship myself. These are 7 emotions I have since learned that all entrepreneurs feel very intensely.  Read the full story

Related Book: Entrepreneur BrainThe entrepreneur looks at the same information as the masses but sees something quite different and therefore approaches life from a completely different prospective. The Entrepreneurial Brain compares how entrepreneurs and the the masses look at things like work, money, friends, education and even risk quite differently. By recognizing and adopting more entrepreneurial ways of thinking the reader will come away with a more complete awareness of the views and attitudes that make for successful entrepreneurs. The book The Entrepreneurial Brain is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice and examples that will help the entrepreneur achieve greater business success.

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Discover how overcoming personal hardship or being told “no” created some of the great entrepreneurs. Learn how a waffle sparked the running craze and how a Pez dispenser launched the creation of one of the biggest multi-sided platforms.

As a serial entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of small businesses the author is fascinated with the icons of business and has used their stories to help and inspire his clients to discover ways to think about their business in new and creative ways.

Many of the biggest companies used lessons from one industry and simply applied it to their own. The book Messages From Successful Entrepreneurs is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice and examples that will help the entrepreneur leverage the lessons of some of the greatest leaders’ businesses know.

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