Are You Intellectually Lazy?

When you communicate with like-minded individuals, you are intellectually lazy.

Imagine that you are a Republican and you find yourself discussing politics with a bunch of like-minded Republicans. It is unlikely that any of your friends will seriously challenge you or your position. However, now imagine the same scenario except this time you are discussing politics with a room full of Democrats. Every point you bring up will likely be challenged. In fact, the room will likely gang up and grill you on many tangential issues as well.

In this second scenario, when you have a discussion with individuals who are not like-minded, the points that you bring up will be far more thoughtful because you know that whatever you say will be challenged.

When you debate with somebody who has different views from your own, you are more precise in your analysis and that prevents you from being intellectually lazy. A wise entrepreneur will seek out cognitive diversity by engaging with people who will challenge their beliefs.

Are you guilty of being intellectually lazy and succumbing to groupthink?

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