Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week August 5th, 2017

This week’s top stories include information covering the following four topics:

  • Are You Selling Something Nobody Wants to Buy?
  • 4 Simple Techniques to Hone Your Message
  • The 5 Business Start-Up Distractions You Need To Avoid
  • Want to Take Full Advantage of Social Media? Stop Thinking of it as One Big Sales Pitch

Each week we scour all the top business-related magazines and newspapers for articles with the best advice for the small business owner, so you do not have to.

Are You Selling Something Nobody Wants to Buy?

By: Sujan Patel

Image credit: Aleksandar Stankovic | AFP | Getty Images

A good go-to-market strategy involves testing product-market fit and validating your idea with a minimum viable product (MVP). So, in theory, you shouldn’t ever be fully rolling out a product or service nobody wants to buy. Despite that assumption, however, I still see would-be entrepreneurs online all the time asking the painful question: “Why doesn’t anybody want to buy from me?” Read the full story

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4 Simple Techniques to Hone Your Message

By: Joshua Lee

Image credit: Willie B. Thomas | Getty Images

Do you feel like your business is going unnoticed? Is your message not reaching the right people or anyone at all? Do you wonder why some people have 10,000 likes on their article and you only have 100? Here’s what I know to be true. If your business is not clear on its message, you aren’t going to stand out. Period. People want the realest version of you. In a world full of B.S., it’s refreshing when we come across a message that is 100 percent no fluff and purely genuine. If you want to be your true self and become the authority in your field, consider these four steps. Read the full story

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The 5 Business Start-Up Distractions You Need To Avoid

Business 2 Community
By: Samantha Martin

StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay

Because starting a business isn’t difficult enough, life decided to throw in some distractions too along the way. I have listened to so many people rhyme off what they think they need to have or do to start a business. Most of them fail to realize that all you really need is a good old fashioned hard work, a dash of inspiration and a whole load of motivation. And don’t forget to ride out the rollercoaster too! I often hear the same things repeatedly. Start-up owners Read the full story

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Want to Take Full Advantage of Social Media? Stop Thinking of it as One Big Sales Pitch

By: Dakota Shane

CREDIT: Getty Images

In order to truly flourish on social media, you should begin thinking of it more like a conference and less like a cold call. Whether you’re a marketer, a business owner, a freelancer, an influencer or just someone who accidentally stumbled upon this article, today I’m going to challenge you to do one thing: Begin thinking of social media more like a conference and less like a cold call. What do I mean by this? In addition to the sales, marketing and advertising potential, the true value of social media networks is networking (can you believe it?). If you’re effectively connecting with the ‘movers and shakers’ in your industry on social media, then being active on it will, already, be worth your time. Read the full story

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