Small Business Advice – Pick of the Week December 23th, 2017

This week’s top stories include small business advice covering the following four topics:

  • The 3 Components Required for Small Business Marketing Success
  • How Content Marketing Drives More Revenue For Your Brand
  • 5 Things Small Business Owners Must Do to Reverse a Business Downturn
  • 10 Ways To Market Your E-commerce Site

Each week we scour all the top business-related magazines and newspapers for articles with the best advice for the small business owner, so you do not have to.

The 3 Components Required for Small Business Marketing Success

Business 2 Community
By: Patrick McFadden

Small Business Marketing“Where do I begin?” It’s the most common question I hear when it comes to small business marketing. And it’s because the idea of marketing is so broad and vast. SEO. Pay-Pay-Click advertising. Content. Social media. Speaking. Advertising. Customer experience. Video. Customer journeys.

So where do business owners start?

The more important question to answer: where should you be going?  Read the full story

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How Content Marketing Drives More Revenue For Your Brand

Business 2 Community
By: Dave Poly

Content marketing
Image Credit: StockSnap / Pixabay

You know content marketing is important. You know you should do it, but what exactly is your business getting out of it? People can tell you all about content marketing and how to go about doing it, but few get around to describing the return on investment. That’s what content marketing is…an investment.

When you create quality content and distribute it according to a well-developed marketing plan, you will get a return depending on your goals.  Read the full story

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5 Things Small Business Owners Must Do to Reverse a Business Downturn

By: Marissa Levin

Make Money in Doen Turn
CREDIT: Getty Images

If you stay in business long enough, you’re going to experience a downturn or retraction. Regardless of how well you plan, there will be something that pulls the rug out from under you, and requires you to re-think your picture-perfect strategy.

This is when leadership really kicks in….when you’re called upon to navigate your ship through a storm in the face of potentially devastating threats. Read the full story

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10 Ways To Market Your E-commerce Site

Business 2 Community
By: Nick Whitmore

Image Credit: Pixabay

There’s a well-known moral exemplified in the tortoise and the hare fable – “slow and steady wins the race.” The same is true in e-commerce marketing.

Customers aren’t always easy to engage — the average cart abandonment rate is 69.2%. It takes persistence and a variety of marketing strategies to reach your audience and increase sales. Instead, effective marketing boils down to reaching audiences repeatedly over time to build familiarity and eventually encourage purchases. Read the full story

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