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Christopher Ryan CEO or Fusion Marketing Partners and Center for Business Modeling. Chris is a SCORE colleague and a marketing and sales maven. We are super fans of each others work.

Use Content Marketing to Establish B2B Thought Leadership

There are 3 essential questions about content marketing that need to be answered to determine your go vs. no-go content marketing strategy: 1, Can we be industry thought leaders? see the benefits of being a thought leader/branded authority but aren’t sure how to get there. 2, If so, what do we talk about? 3, Can we create enough quality content?

PULL Marketing vs. PUSH Marketing – The Shifting Battleground

When you are deciding how much of time and financial resources to allocate between push and pull marketing strategies, keep in mind that the battleground has shifted and the prospect is the one who holds the high ground. Rather than fight this reality, just accept who has the real control and find the best ways to help people buy in the way they want to buy, instead of the way you want to sell to them.

8 Essential B2B Marketing Questions: Ignore these at your peril

Asking the right questions is crucial to your ability to optimize or turnaround your B2B marketing and sales operations. But even if things are going well, it is a good idea to periodically test your assumptions. Competitors are not standing idle and technologies, channels and customer needs are constantly shifting. Here are eight important questions to get you started:

When It Comes to B2B Marketing, Should you be Credible or Incredible?

Should you be Credible or Incredible? Lets’ face it, it is a free market where you can say anything you want about your product or service, true or untrue. Making incredible claims can snag you some customers, but today “Trust” is a business’s most valuable commodity. Here are six strategies to build and keep trust and credibility: