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The role of the government and its effects on small business

Epic Tax Code Changes to Increase Interest in Entrepreneurship

The changing landscape of the US tax code continues to create tailwinds for the business owner. Today, when it comes to earned income, the amount you make may matter less as compared to how you make it giving rise to more small businesses. With the massive surge toward small business ownership will be an increased need for qualified small business knowledge.

You Have Been Conditioned To Be Mediocre

Beliefs drive our behaviors that lead to our results. Beliefs are the cause, behaviors the effect, and success is the predictable result. Successful entrepreneurs know their behaviors are driven by their beliefs and that it is their behaviors that allow them to succeed. You have been conditioned to avoid failure and to live a life of mediocrity.

Critical Formation Errors that Will Destroy Your Business

There are a number of common mistakes many founders make that can destroy everything they worked so hard to achieve. Most occur when there is some business success. Some mistakes are made out of ignorance during the initial filing process with the Secretary of State and others are the result of failing to finish the process.

VIDEO: Business Licensing Demystified

Not all industries and occupations are treated equally in the eyes of government officials. Some industries and occupations require the business to obtain a “Business License” to operate. This video provides the background into why some industries and occupations require oversight from a government entity.

VIDEO: The Real Reason for Registering an Entity

Most people associate registering their business with the Secretary of State as the proper way to secure their unique business name.  While this reason is partially true, it is not the real reason a business needs to register their entity with the Secretary of State. In this short video, we discussed the real reasons why a business needs to register [...]

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The Feeble Role of Government to Stimulate Small Business

The news is filled with quotes from government officials exposing the critical role small business play in our economy. Articles talk about the billions in government dollars directed toward supporting small businesses. However, before you stake your claim on these funds, you should understand the assumptions the government has about small business. Having made several trips to Washington D.C. to advocate [...]

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Our Fragile Monetary System

Understanding monetary policy is critical to understanding why our lives are the way they are. Unfortunately, economics is often viewed by the vast majority of citizens with confusion and boredom. Financial jargon coupled with intimidating mathematics quickly deters people from any attempt at understanding it. That said, our established monetary system exists as one of the most unquestioned forms of faith [...]

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Red vs. Blue → Establishment vs. Outsider

Since the election season is in full swing, I can't help noticing that red vs. blue has given way to establishment vs. outsiders. In recent years, during their campaigns, politicians have marketed themselves as the candidate who will bring change to Washington, or in other words, the establishment. Yet once they are elected, they succumb to the political machine. Their [...]

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