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When It Comes to B2B Marketing, Should you be Credible or Incredible?

Should you be Credible or Incredible? Lets’ face it, it is a free market where you can say anything you want about your product or service, true or untrue. Making incredible claims can snag you some customers, but today “Trust” is a business’s most valuable commodity. Here are six strategies to build and keep trust and credibility:

So Why Does a Franchise Cost So Much Anyway?

A franchise investment isn’t as high as most people think, especially when you put the investment cost into context and compare it with starting a business from scratch. There are eight factors that determine a franchise’s investment costs.

How to Find Out if You Have Enough Money to Buy a Franchise

Guest post by: Cindy Rayfield franchise consultant with FranNet.

As I work with my franchise clients, I need to know what their financial picture tells me so I can do the very best job matching my clients with the right franchise. A client’s financials are an extremely important part of this matching process.

So what financial information do I look for as a franchise expert? This article outlines questions my clients have, and how I assess their financial information.