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Market Research – 8 Strategies for Getting it Right, Quickly

Guest post by: Christopher Ryan CEO or Fusion Marketing Partners and Center for Business Modeling.

Chris is a SCORE colleague and a marketing and sales maven. We are super fans of each others work.  The following post was published by Chris on his blog in September of 2016 and is chock full of valuable [...]

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How to Harness the Halo Effect to Boost Profits

When it comes to marketing, small businesses should understand that psychology and sales are two parts of the same coin. From the world of psychology, one cognitive bias that a small business owner should embrace when it comes to marketing is known as “the halo effect.” Technically speaking, the halo effect is a cognitive bias in which [...]

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13 Steps to Find Your Profitable Niche for Free Using Long-Tail Keywords

Recently, I was teaching a course, “Going Pro – Moving from Hobby to Business” and one of the students was a jewelry designer looking to take her hobby of making jewelry, mostly as gifts for friends and family, and turn it into a paying business. I suggested she focus her jewelry design on a profitable niche or risk becoming [...]

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Why Business Marketing Should Not Be Treated Like War

I have always been fascinated with Sun Tzu and his tome The Art of War. Consequently, I have taken many of his lessons and applied them to business situations. While Sun Tzu is truly brilliant when it comes to waging a war, upon much deeper reflection, you might be in the wrong business if you look at your [...]

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There Is No Prize for Originality

Earlier today, I was reading a post about a young man ready to graduate college this summer who was desperately looking to start his own business. He didn't have a business idea and was looking to the readership to help him come up with one. I often suggest to clients with a desire to start [...]

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Your Customer is Afraid you’ll Cost him his Job

When it comes to selling your product or service, it is always a good idea to keep in mind what is most important to the other party. This is especially true when you are dealing with a large company. For example, most employees high up in the food chain of a large company make pretty [...]

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Revenue Comes in 3 Flavors

Every business makes investments to create revenue for itself. All too often business owners consider cash as its only source of revenue worthy of investments. However, revenue actually comes in three flavors:

1.  Cash 2.  Attention and trust 3.  Referrals

Everyone can easily recognize cash as a source of revenue in a sales transaction; a business [...]

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How Deep Is Your Audience?

Recently, I have been exploring my analytics and revisiting my Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). What began to dawn on me as I attempted to make actionable sense of all this data was that I was falling into the same trap that most businesses owners do when looking at their social media performance. Many of my metrics and the things I [...]

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Be Controversial to Spread Your Message

What bugs me most is that most first time entrepreneurs do not want to offend anyone with their viewpoint. They think that they are avoiding creating enemies by not having a polarizing opinion. In their mind, they think this somehow gives them a better chance at success. Furthermore, they consider people with strong opinions and who are forceful in sharing [...]

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Mastering the Three Engines of Growth

When it comes to growing your business, there are three essential engines of growth:

1. Paid Engine of Growth: Most entrepreneurs consider this the only engine of growth. Often this takes the form of paid ads on websites or advertising on T.V. to attract lots of eyeballs to your product or service. The more targeted the service is to [...]

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