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When It Comes to B2B Marketing, Should you be Credible or Incredible?

Should you be Credible or Incredible? Lets’ face it, it is a free market where you can say anything you want about your product or service, true or untrue. Making incredible claims can snag you some customers, but today “Trust” is a business’s most valuable commodity. Here are six strategies to build and keep trust and credibility:

How to Get the Attention of an Influencer

Persons of influence get lots of unsolicited requests to connect every day. Most of these requests are totally self-serving for the requester and have no benefit to the influencer at all. As a result, most influencers have a tendency to filter out these requests. But there is a way to get the attentions of an influencer and it is free.

VIDEO: A Free Alternative to Costly Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is where you get a famous person with an established audience to endorse your product or service. Right now Influencer marketing is all the rage when it comes to marketing a business. However, getting an influencer to endorse your brand is costly. In this video, learn that there is an alternative to Influencer Marketing that is FREE.

The Big Difference Solution-Selling Can Make

At first glance, the difference between selling a product or service and selling a solution may not be very apparent. After all, aren’t all products and services created to provide a solution to solve a customer’s problems? Most businesses create a product or service that is a “one size fits all” solution. Rather than designing an offering to fit an individual [...]

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How to Leverage QR Codes for Profit

We all know that the world is becoming more mobile. While there are lots of ways to engage your customers in the mobile world, there is one way that stands out to me. It is a way that is even easy for the novice to implement. There are also no tools to buy so you can do it for free! [...]

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How Not to Strike Out in the Game of Business

Small business entrepreneurs never seem to lack vision, big ideas, or ambition! The vast majority of entrepreneurs I encounter in my practice believe they have a product or service that is so much better than what’s on the market already; they believe that if they can just roll it out, they will be able to just count the money as [...]

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