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Revenue Comes in 3 Flavors

Every business makes investments to create revenue for itself. All too often business owners consider cash as its only source of revenue worthy of investments. However, revenue actually comes in three flavors:

1.  Cash 2.  Attention and trust 3.  Referrals

Everyone can easily recognize cash as a source of revenue in a sales transaction; a business [...]

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How Deep Is Your Audience?

Recently, I have been exploring my analytics and revisiting my Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). What began to dawn on me as I attempted to make actionable sense of all this data was that I was falling into the same trap that most businesses owners do when looking at their social media performance. Many of my metrics and the things I [...]

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Be Controversial to Spread Your Message

What bugs me most is that most first time entrepreneurs do not want to offend anyone with their viewpoint. They think that they are avoiding creating enemies by not having a polarizing opinion. In their mind, they think this somehow gives them a better chance at success. Furthermore, they consider people with strong opinions and who are forceful in sharing [...]

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Mastering the Three Engines of Growth

When it comes to growing your business, there are three essential engines of growth:

1. Paid Engine of Growth: Most entrepreneurs consider this the only engine of growth. Often this takes the form of paid ads on websites or advertising on T.V. to attract lots of eyeballs to your product or service. The more targeted the service is to [...]

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Is It Time to Create Your Own Channel?

The easy part is building the actual product or delivering the service. If you are not convinced, just consider this – Imagine a substance that falls from the sky and springs up from the earth for free. Yet, we are willing to pay more for it than we do for gasoline. Yep, I'm talking about water. Aquafina, Dasani, Fiji, and [...]

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Using Microeconomics to Maximize Revenue

As a small business, you have to consider the concept of microeconomics when pricing your product or service to maximize revenue. By definition, microeconomics studies the behavior of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources (i.e., money). Contrast microeconomics with macroeconomics. Macroeconomics considers the the sum of all economic activity such as dealing with the [...]

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What I Leaned from the Food Network

The other day I was watching a cooking show with my wife, Kim, and it dawned on me that what I was watching was a teachable moment for small business owners. On the show, there are a bunch of renowned chefs showing you step by step how to make one of their signature dishes. At the end of the demonstration, they [...]

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The Art Of One-Downing the Competition to Improve Sales

I recently went T.V. shopping with my son, Josh. What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that every brand seems to be one-upping the competition. I remember when plasma T.V.'s were all the rage. That fad met hit a dead end quickly and hardly anyone even makes a Plasma T.V.'s anymore. Yet at the time, it was a hot [...]

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The Secret to Viral Product and Services

The secret sauce in creating a product or service that has the potential to go viral is by adding something that creates more value when other people in the customer's network also use or adopt it. Facebook understood this concept very well. If you are the only person in your network of friends with a Facebook account, well it is pretty [...]

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Make Client Interactions More Memorable with This Technique

My advice to small business owners making sales calls is to use some type of icebreaker and share a story to make you stand out. Several years ago, a delegation from South Korean visited our company. At the time we were working with a publicly traded company whose product, floppy disks, was being eclipse by technology. We were experimenting with a [...]

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