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Anything to do with defining a businesses Products or Services (BMC, Value Prop, etc), location, Insurance, and perhaps even Personel and management issues.

4 Amazingly Simple Lessons From Southwest Airlines

Every once in a while, a business comes along that creates a revolution in its industry that is so profound competitors have a hard time following suit. Southwest Airlines was one of these businesses. Today businesses can take some of the lessons from Southwest and apply them to their own industry to change their trajectory.

Your Corporate Culture Defines Your Success

The culture that a company embraces can say a lot about the eventual success of a company. In a study performed by sociologists James Barron and Michael Hannan, they tracked the culture of 167 Silicon Valley startups over an extended period of time. The study identified five primary cultures embraced by most startups.

Engineering Model

This model was the most common model [...]

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Why You Should Reward People That Avoid Bad Outcomes

Businesses employ both offensive and defensive strategies. However, when it comes to rewards, it is the offense that gets all the attention. If my company makes a sale through the results of my actions, it is not uncommon to receive a reward or commission. However, if I prevent a sale to a customer who would consequently cause [...]

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Is Your Business Like a Pirate Ship?

We have all heard that an oil tanker or large container ship cannot change direction very quickly. In fact, it often takes them several miles to change their direction. This is because these vessels have a lot of mass. The more mass an object has, the more energy is required to change direction. Mass in business can be bad. Mass means [...]

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What Is the Market Structure

Some industries are highly consolidated and are dominated by a few key players while others have few incumbents and are considered quite fragmented. Your strategy to enter either one of these markets will be quite different based on the market structure. For example, let's consider two travel related apps: one for flights and another for hotels. Of course today most popular [...]

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