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VIDEO: Business Licensing Demystified

Not all industries and occupations are treated equally in the eyes of government officials. Some industries and occupations require the business to obtain a “Business License” to operate. This video provides the background into why some industries and occupations require oversight from a government entity.

Watch the Leader and Profit by Capitalizing on Their Mistakes

It is often far better to see what the market leader is doing and just be a little different in your value proposition. Being the first to market means you will make lots of costly mistakes that your competitors can learn from and then capitalize on at your expense. Keurig and Xerox were not the first movers but today they dominated their markets by capitalizing on the dominant players mistakes..

VIDEO: The Real Reason for Registering an Entity

Most people associate registering their business with the Secretary of State as the proper way to secure their unique business name.  While this reason is partially true, it is not the real reason a business needs to register their entity with the Secretary of State. In this short video we discussed the real reasons why a business needs to register [...]

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