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Tactics to get customers to buy from you

New Rules of Marketing and Sales

When it comes to marketing and sales, the internet changed everything. The changes caused by the internet, and its offspring social media, have not caused an evolutionary step in the way businesses go about marketing and sales, but caused a revolutionary step. The internet and social media has caused business to re-think their old marketing and sales models and adopt an [...]

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How to Apply Natural Law – Your Key to Unlocking More Sales

Natural law is a philosophy that states that people are motivated in their actions by human nature. It refers to the use of reasoning to analyze human nature and to deduce the rules that govern a person’s actions and behavior. We have all seen the image of a stick and sting that suspends a carrot just out of reach of the [...]

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How to Harness the Halo Effect to Boost Profits

When it comes to marketing, small businesses should understand that psychology and sales are two parts of the same coin. From the world of psychology, one cognitive bias that a small business owner should embrace when it comes to marketing is known as “the halo effect.” Technically speaking, the halo effect is a cognitive bias in which [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week March 4, 2017

4 Simple Questions to Ask Before Getting Excited About Your New Business Idea

Inc. By: Serhat Pala
Not all Business Ideas are Brilliant
Not all business ideas are brilliant. CREDIT: Getty Images
You've probably come up with at least one seemingly brilliant business idea in your life but then after some sober thought, [...]

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Your Customer is Afraid you’ll Cost him his Job

When it comes to selling your product or service, it is always a good idea to keep in mind what is most important to the other party. This is especially true when you are dealing with a large company. For example, most employees high up in the food chain of a large company make pretty [...]

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Revenue Comes in 3 Flavors

Every business makes investments to create revenue for itself. All too often business owners consider cash as its only source of revenue worthy of investments. However, revenue actually comes in three flavors:

1.  Cash 2.  Attention and trust 3.  Referrals

Everyone can easily recognize cash as a source of revenue in a sales transaction; a business [...]

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How to Improve Sales by Employing the Three T’s

In a previous post, we explored the five salesperson archetypes and learned that the challenger archetype out-performs the other four by a wide margin. The data from Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson's study, which resulted in their book titled “The Challenger Sale,” suggests that the challenger archetype salesperson is defined by three unique capabilities. They called them the [...]

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The Five Salesperson Archetypes and the One that Preforms Best

When it comes to business advice to improve sales, most authors and advisers say that it is about the relationship that the salesperson has with the customer that makes the sale. While this is more true in transactional sales such as in a retail businesses, it is hardly the whole story. In fact, when it comes to [...]

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Make Client Interactions More Memorable with This Technique

My advice to small business owners making sales calls is to use some type of icebreaker and share a story to make you stand out. Several years ago, a delegation from South Korean visited our company. At the time we were working with a publicly traded company whose product, floppy disks, was being eclipse by technology. We were experimenting with [...]

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How to Write a Simple Sales Hook Video

What if you could develop a simple sales hook video in just a few minutes that would convert visitors into buyers? This post aims to give you the formula to do exactly that. The first question is why a video? Videos continue to get higher engagement than straight text. Most people think that creating a video sales hook is [...]

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