AUDIO: Going Pro: Moving From Hobby To Business

Going Pro: Hobby to Business


In the fall of 2016 I had an opportunity to spend 2 nights with a class full of hobbyist that wanted to learn how to take a hobby that they loved and turn it into a viable business. During those 2 nights I took the class on a journey of business entrepreneurship. The following are excerpts from that course.

Below is an outline of the topics discussed.

1 Some Small Business Facts (17:56)
2 Popular Myths and Reasons to Start a Small Business (11:51)
3 Validating You Small Business Idea (10:52)
4 Financial Thresholds (14:02)
5 Marketing thresholds (33:04)
6 Business Model Canvas (30:32)
7 Traditional Business Planning (10:44)
8 Connecting Business and Economic Models (10:01)
9 Sales and Marketing plus Pricing Strategies (15:29)
10 Accepting Credit Card Payments and Marketing Strategy (11:27)
11 Operational Plan Elements and Entity Types (11:17)
12 The Registered Agent and Registering with the SOS (4:52)  
13 Employees and Subcontractors (10:51)
14 Accounting and Taxes Plus Insurance (16:33)
15 Funding the Business (8:29)
16 Bonus Content (13:24)

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