Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week April 1, 2017

7 Tax Facts Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Filing This Year

EntrepreneurBy: Keith Hall [caption id="attachment_4811" align="aligncenter" width="822"]Man with Calculator Image credit: elenaleonova Getty Images[/caption] As the Tuesday, April 18th tax-filing deadline looms ahead, you probably have already started to gather all of your necessary tax documents and are likely spending your afternoons organizing them [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week March 25, 2017

The Gift and the Curse of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur By: Raul Villacis [caption id="attachment_4750" align="aligncenter" width="822"]Woman on Laptop Image credit: Hero Images / Getty Images[/caption] Entrepreneurs are a different breed of human beings. While most people would be comfortable living a normal and secure life, an entrepreneur feels more alive when they are taking risks in life. [...]

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Why Bigger is Not Always Better

Not long ago, I was driving through Denver in rush hour traffic. As I inched along in traffic, I was replaying a discussion in my head about the Colorado Springs ecosystem being the red-headed step child to Denver's much more robust business ecosystem. Most of the discussion was geared toward activities the Colorado Springs ecosystem could do to grow into an [...]

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