Early Boomers Attitudes and Behaviors

Each generation has their own unique attitudes and behaviors that set them apart.

Early Boomers Born 1946-1954 (8 Years) Population size - 33 million (4.1 million births per year).

Early Boomers lived their formative years with Vietnam and witnessed the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. They lived through the Civil Rights movement and in the end, are largely [...]

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The “Recency Bias”

Killing HighwayFor our Everest expedition, the previous few years had offered a better than average weather pattern during the month of May, which is when most expeditions plan to reach the summit. The guides became complacent and assumed that May of 1996 would hold the same good weather pattern. They should [...]

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The “Over Confidence Bias”

  Young DriverThe guides of the Everest expeditions often boasted that they could guide anyone with average fitness to the top of Mt. Everest. They were so confident that they ignored the 2:00 return to base rule and paid the ultimate price. In a poll taken of teen drivers, 93% indicated that [...]

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The “Sunk Cost Bias”

Sunk CostMembers of the ill-fated Everest expedition invested upwards of $65k each. They spent weeks hiking to reach the final base camp before their ultimate eighteen hour push to the summit. There is an unwritten rule that if you have not made the summit by two o'clock in the afternoon

  EverestThe summer of 1996 saw two failed expeditions to the summit of Mt. Everest. The leaders of these two expeditions were very experienced guides, so why did these expeditions fail so miserably? An analysis of factors resulting in the death and injury of the expedition members concluded that the guides suffered [...]

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Get Ahead of Tax Legislation

TaxesWith the federal deficit out of control, at some point the government will need to raise tax revenues if for no other purpose but to pay off the interest of the debt. Levying more taxes on individuals, or more accurately voters, is political suicide. Perhaps politicians will get more income taxes from [...]

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Social Media: The New Selectric Typewriter

Typewriter Many years ago typing was a skill that only a fraction of the workforce possessed. In fact, I had one job where I was concerned about my ability to be successful. The job description clearly required typing skills, and although I took typing in school I was not very proficient. Typing is no [...]

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Time To Clown Around And Get Noticed

Clown An up-and-coming New York based production company was preparing to release a new movie short. They employed a clown to appear at random locations in the NY area. People noticed. Soon the clown was being spotted all over town. Without any explanation for the clown, people took to the internet to [...]

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Get Noticed

  Pepsi Ad Pepsi recently employed an innovative idea to get noticed in a sea of street-level billboards. The company shot a video from the point of view of person on the street, and displayed it on an outdoor LCD flat screen bus shelter. Then they added a bizarre event, like a giant [...]

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