Paint by Letters

Paint By NumbersDo you ever find yourself doing something just because you have always done it that way?  We all have, but sometimes it is good to test your assumptions from time to time to see if there is a better way.  For example, remember “paint by numbers”?  Would it not make more [...]

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What is Average?

The concept of “average” is just not real, except in mathematics.  Would you say that you were an average human?  Since males and females each represent about 50% of the world's population, the average human would have one breast and one testicle.  Still think you are average?  When it comes to marketing, think typical or median: not average. Follow [...]

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Know the Value

Can you quantify the value of the time you devote to the various activities you do every day? Sometimes trying to put a value on effort is hard, but without understanding the value of your efforts you can't prioritize your actions.  If you didn't know the value of money, two quarters might sound better than one dollar. Follow us on Twitter Read more »