How to Harness the Power of Emotion

Ever wonder why they say “Sell the sizzle not the steak”?  It is because people make decisions based on emotion and then justify their decisions with logic. When you are sitting in Chili's and a sizzling fajita passes by, the menu becomes just words. The sizzle of the fajitas strikes an emotion.  Once stimulated, the [...]

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Know the Value

Can you quantify the value of the time you devote to the various activities you do every day? Sometimes trying to put a value on effort is hard, but without understanding the value of your efforts you can't prioritize your actions.  If you didn't know the value of money, two quarters might sound better than one dollar. Follow us on Twitter Read more »

Go Niche or Go Broke

Do you think that by claiming that your service business can do everything you will be able to achieve higher revenues?  If you feel this way, you are not alone.   Many entrepreneurs feel that by offering more services they will have more income streams, leading to higher overall revenues.  However, in practice this is just not true [...]

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Running Blindfolded

Would you ever consider playing golf while blindfolded?  Of course not.  You need to see the flag and make adjustments to your aim and swing based on processing feedback about the hole. However, entrepreneurs often step up to the tee box blindfolded because they do not have a process to measure feedback.  Running a business is all [...]

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The Circus Comes To Town

IMG_20130504_095902_092[1]On January 1st 2014 recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado.  Many business are scrambling to take advantage of this new law.  People are setting up new retail businesses or businesses to support the retail shops, such as security or tourism. This is what economists would  call a classic [...]

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