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Messages From Successful Entrepreneurs (Paperback)


Lessons From Highly Successful Founders, CEOs, and Senior Executives That Changed Their Industries Forever

Messages From Successful Entrepreneurs is a wisdom packed book that was written for the entrepreneur looking for inspirational ideas used by highly successful entrepreneurs to re-energize their business. The book uses stories from 32 of the worlds most successful leaders to dramatize pivotal business lessons every entrepreneur should consider implementing in their own business.

Discover how overcoming personal hardship or being told “no” created some of the great entrepreneurs. Learn how a waffle sparked the running craze and how a Pez dispenser launched the creation of one of the biggest multi-sided platforms.

As a serial entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of small businesses the author is fascinated with the icons of business and has used their stories to help and inspire his clients to discover ways to think about their business in new and creative ways.

Many of the biggest companies used lessons from one industry and simply applied it to their own. The book Messages From Successful Entrepreneurs is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice and examples that will help the entrepreneur leverage the lessons of some of the greatest leaders business has know.


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Messages from Successful Entrepreneurs

Lessons from Highly Successful Founders, CEO’s, and Senior Executives who Changed Their Industries Forever

Discover how a waffle, a Pez dispenser, and losing hair launched totally new industries.

See how overcoming personal hardships or being told “no” creates great entrepreneurs.

Discover how the titans of the American Industrial Revolution changed the world we live in and how you can do the same.
See how the game changers of this world  spotted opportunities that transformed an industry and made them millions and billions of dollars.

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