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Practical Marketing Concepts For Your Small Business (eBook)

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Practical Marketing Concepts For Your Small Business is a wisdom packed book that was written for the budget conscious entrepreneur looking to better market their products or services. The books is divided into 9 chapters that look at:

  • How to identify and target viable customers
  • Tactics to get noticed in an ocean of interruption marketing
  • The attitude and behaviors of various target demographics
  • The buyer psychology including behavior economics and emotional appeals
  • Dozens of free and low cost ways to achieve greater brand awareness
  • Tactics to make your message more memorable and sticky
  • Common pricing mistakes that can kill a sale
  • Ways to leverage economic gyrations and current events to improve sales
  • General marketing and sales advice to help make better marketing decisions

As a serial entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of small businesses the author has distilled a lifetime of business marketing content that every entrepreneurs should consider applying to their business.

Practical Marketing Concepts For Your Small Business is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice delivered in small bites that the reader can use to make incremental improvements to their marketing efforts.

Download this 169 page anthology series about buyer psychology, getting noticed, and making your message stick.

This book is also available in paper back for $19.99 through CreateSpace by Amazon.

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Product Description

Practical Marketing Concepts for Your Small Business

An Anthology Series about Buyer Psychology, Getting Noticed, and Making Your Message Stick

Most marketing falls on deaf ears and blind eyes because potential customers are not viable. Discover a technique to identify and target viable customers. Learn how to make non-viable customers viable.

Download this 169 page e-book that provides insight into the minds of your customers and how to make them respond.

In the crowded world of interruption marketing, learn how to stand out and get noticed.

Your marketing message needs to be different depending on the age of your customers. Find out how to market to Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y. Discover how to use demand curves to forecast the demand for your product or service.

Humans have a reptilian brain. They act in irrational, but predictable ways.  

Learn how to harness buyer psychology in your marketing efforts.

Most people are distracted and never hear your message. Discover the four primary emotional triggers that will get people to stop what they are doing and focus on your message.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it! We have synthesized the content from dozens of marketing books and years of practical experience to produce this one-of-a-kind collection of tips to transform your marketing efforts. This book is a collection of the most common and critical elements you will ever need to develop a killer marketing strategy for your company.

Brand awareness makes the sales process much easier. Learn dozens of no-cost and low-cost techniques to create brand awareness for your business.
Most marketing messages are not memorable. Learn the techniques to make your story more memorable.

Read a section a day. In less than 1 minute per day, discover concepts that you are too busy to notice. We have assembled dozens and dozens of quick lessons that you can use to re-evaluate your marketing message.

Changes in the economy can fuel business growth. Find out how to make money when the economy is changing or declining.

Learn the lessons of many successful CEO’s that helped them transform and dominate their industry.

“Create demand and sell supply.”

Discovery how boosting quality can earn you more money.

Ideas are cheap. Learn why a new product can be your worst nightmare.

Location, location, location! Your location helps in marketing your business. Discover why your location may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Learn how a different economic model can change everything.

Most people have heard of targeting different demographics in marketing. Learn how big data now makes it possible to target psychographics.

Satisfaction_SealWe are so confident the information in this e-book will transform your business that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This has been one of the most useful and straight forward business marketing books I have ever read. I was able to go through the text in a weekend and implement new marketing strategies for my cafe. I run a cafe but the marketing ideas can be used by any type of business. I have book marked several of the pages for the next round to increase visibility of my business and branding. This book is well worth the price! I highly recommend downloading, reading, and implementing some new ideas to help grow your business.

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