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Practical Sales Ideas For Your Small Business (Paperback)


Proven Techniques To Close More Deals and Delight Your Customers

Practical Sales Ideas For Your Small Business is a wisdom packed book that was written for the entrepreneur looking for ideas and tactics to improve sales. Weather selling face to face or online the reader will discover tips and tricks to close more deals. Sales are built on relationships and the author has created bite size nuggets of sales knowledge the reader can easily apply.

As a serial entrepreneur and mentor to thousands of small businesses the author has distilled critical business sales lessons designed to make the customers fall in love you and your product or service.

Practical Sales Ideas For Your Small Business is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice that will help you convert leads into customers.


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Practical Sales Ideas for Your Small Business

Proven Techniques to Close More Deals and Delight Your Customers

Most marketing falls on deaf ears and blind eyes because potential customers are not viable. Discover a technique to identify and target viable customers. Learn how to make non-viable customers viable.

Discover the 16 principles that influence a sale.

Networking events are a waste of time for 80% of participants. Learn a simple technique that ensures you make the most of every networking event.

Cold calls often result in rejections. Discover a revolutionary process that dramatically improves the result of your cold calls.

…the image of a customer on a fishing line is a powerful image. You can pull him in, but you can’t push him to buy.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it! We have synthesized the content from many of the top sales experts to produce this one-of-a-kind collection of tips to transform your sales efforts. This book is a collection of the critical elements every small business owner needs to know to close more sales.

Satisfaction_SealWe are so confident the information in this e-book will transform your business that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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