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The Entrepreneurial Brain (Paperback)


How The Entrepreneur’s Brain Is Wired Differently From the Masses

The entrepreneur looks at the same information as the masses but sees something quite different and therefore approaches life from a completely different prospective. The Entrepreneurial Brain compares how entrepreneurs and the the masses look at things like work, money, friends, education and even risk quite differently.

By recognizing and adopting more entrepreneurial ways of thinking the reader will come away with a more complete awareness of the views and attitudes that make for successful entrepreneurs. The book The Entrepreneurial Brain is a concise and easy to read guide packed with solid advice and examples that will help the entrepreneur achieve greater business success.


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Product Description

The Entrepreneurial Brain

How the Entrepreneur’s Brain Is Wired Differently from the Masses

Learn what entrepreneurs know that make them a success.

Learn about the four Cash Flow Quadrants. Learn how money is made and taxed differently as you progress from employee to business investor.

Discover the reason why the rich keep getting richer and how to play by their rules.

Learn about the different types of business-related risks and ways to minimize your exposure to them.

Discover how to use your peripheral vision to spot opportunities others have overlooked.

Learn to think like a rich entrepreneur.

Discover how a formal education may not be your path to financial security.

Learn the facts about buying or selling before you take the leap so you can strengthen your position and maximize your profits.

Satisfaction_SealWe are so confident the information in this e-book will transform your business that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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