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Small Business Advice – Pick of the Week January 20th, 2018

This week’s top stories include small business advice covering the following four topics:

– 12 Ways to Become Insanely Good at Content Marketing
– The Most Important Factor in Closing a Deal: 3 Ways Modern Sales Pros Build Trust
– Finally Starting Your Business This Year? Here’s Your Ultimate 12-Point Checklist
– 3 Core Sales Funnels to Fuel Your Quest for Online Income

Each week we scour all the top business-related magazines and newspapers for articles with the best advice for the small business owner, so you do not have to.

A Revealing Behind-the-Scenes Look at Product Attractiveness

In a quest to discover what contributes to product attractiveness, I uncovered the power of belonging vs. standing out. What I discovered was that more affluent people like to buy products that help them stand out in a crowd. By contrast, the working class tends to prefer mass-produced products that are associated with an in-crowd they aspire to be like.

An Unbelievably Simple and Overlooked Strategy to Crush Your Market

There are 2 kinds of customers out there: Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me customers. Most businesses only consider the same type of customers others in their industry are already targeting. Targeting the same customer with similar solutions leads to less opportunity for growth and tighter margins. Few businesses see the potential to offer an alternative solution.

Four Business Lessons From The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

As I write this post, I have just returned from a motorcycle rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. This rally is often referred to as just “Sturgis.” As always, the trip was full of lessons for entrepreneurs. Now, you may be surprised by that, but stick with me and you'll discover these lessons too. When I mention Sturgis to [...]

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Does Your Solution Have a Name?

Do you want to create instant credibility in your service or informational product? Give it a name! Let's face it– there is nothing sexy about dry cleaning. Basically, it is just a commodity. So, how do you differentiate your dry cleaner from the others? Give it a name like Martinizing Dry Cleaning. Martinizing sounds exotic and creates instant credibility, [...]

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Crowdfunding: Process Overview

So, you have a gem of an idea and want to get it off the ground. The first question is how much will it cost and can you come up with the money. We know that going to a lending institution like a bank to secure a business loan is an unlikely option and attracting a bunch of investors other than [...]

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