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Why Your Options Are Limiting Your Success

I recently was watching a home movie of a motorcycle trip I took with my two boys where we traveled through seven southwestern states. As we rode through the hinterlands that make up much of this region, I recall being struck with a business epiphany. I shared this epiphany with my sons at a roadside picnic area about the role [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 20, 2017

Running a Business is not Rocket Science, but These Key Competencies Will Keep You Ahead of the Pack

Inc. By: Martin Zwilling
Breaking the tape
CREDIT: Getty Images
Running a business is not rocket science. Investors often look for key competencies in the founder(s) before looking at the business. So what [...]

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New Rules of Marketing and Sales

When it comes to marketing and sales, the internet changed everything. The changes caused by the internet, and its offspring social media, have not caused an evolutionary step in the way businesses go about marketing and sales, but caused a revolutionary step. The internet and social media has caused business to re-think their old marketing and sales models and adopt an [...]

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3 Free Ways to Boost Your Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

The availability and speed of at-home internet connection has caused more people to create a side hustle, which in turn has increased competition. This increase in competition is in turn driving down margins while simultaneously driving up the advertising clutter as more and more people clamor for their customer’s attention. Smaller margins translate to tighter budgets, which explains why word-of-mouth marketing [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 13, 2017

How Debt and Taxes Can Make Smart Entrepreneurs Rich

Entrepreneur By: Robert Kiyosaki
Calculator and worksheet
Image Credit: Shitterstock.com
My wife Kim and I have hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. We pay little to nothing in taxes. We are very rich, members of the 1 percent that gets crowds screaming about [...]

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Is Bad Debt Destroying Your Business?

Don’t look to our government as a model in understanding good vs. bad debt. Every day the media highlights another case of the government’s ignorance in the way money should be used. One side of the aisle says it is a revenue problem and we need to raise taxes on the rich. The other side says it is an [...]

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The Feeble Role of Government to Stimulate Small Business

The news is filled with quotes from government officials exposing the critical role small business play in our economy. Articles talk about the billions in government dollars directed toward supporting small businesses. However, before you stake your claim on these funds, you should understand the assumptions the government has about small business. Having made several trips to Washington D.C. to advocate [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 6, 2017

17 Things About Business Your Teachers Didn't Tell You

Inc. By: Jordan Kasteler
Apple and Desk
CREDIT: Getty Images
Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true. But it may not be the dream you signed up for. Like many entrepreneurs, I knew I wanted to be a business owner since I was [...]

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The Evolving Journey of the B2B Buyer

Guest post by: Christopher Ryan CEO or Fusion Marketing Partners and Center for Business Modeling. Chris is a SCORE colleague and a marketing and sales maven. We are super fans of each others work.  The following post was published by Chris on his blog is February of 2016 and is chock full of valuable advice.  

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A Major Shakeup Is Looming – Are You in Jeopardy of Missing the Boat?

I certainly spend more time shopping online these days than in the mall and I don’t think I’m alone. The internet allowed for “online shopping” that in turn created online-retailers like Amazon and Overstock, but they were the only businesses visible on the front line. While malls suffered from this shift in buying behavior, other industries benefited. At the next tier, [...]

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