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How Your Reasoning Skills Can Affect Your Business Success

Previously, we looked at how the startup landscaped has changed and why we keep getting the same old advice. Now let's explore how the reasoning style of the manager entrepreneur, with their predominantly causal reasoning, approaches a business startup very different from the founder entrepreneur, who approaches a startup business primarily with effectual reasoning.

Causal Reasoning

Causal reasoning is the domain of [...]

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Why The Business Advice You Are Getting Is One Sided

Previously, we looked at how the startup landscaped has changed and that you might not need a business plan to successfully launch your business. In this post, we will look into why we keep getting the same old advice. What has emerged, as the funding and risk gap has widened, is a greater awareness that there are different entrepreneurial reasoning skills [...]

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Why The Business Planning Advice You Have Received Is Probably Stale

As we discussed in a previous post, the startup landscape has changed in recent years and more businesses can be bootstrapped than in the past. As a result, there has emerged greater differentiation between businesses that need large upfront capital infusions and those that can be bootstrapped. This essentially has created two types of entrepreneurs, each with different reasoning [...]

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Why Being Told You Need a Business Plan May Be Bad Advice

To get the new year started off right, let's take a deep dive over the next several weeks to see how entrepreneurship has changed in recent years and why you may no longer need to write the classic version of a business plan. Based on these changes, we'll see how you can make the most of these changes by recognizing [...]

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The Art Of One-Downing the Competition to Improve Sales

I recently went T.V. shopping with my son, Josh. What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that every brand seems to be one-upping the competition. I remember when plasma T.V.'s were all the rage. That fad met hit a dead end quickly and hardly anyone even makes a Plasma T.V.'s anymore. Yet at the time, it was a hot [...]

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Forget Writing A Business Plan

The SBA has it wrong. A business plan is not always what you need. Financial planning is advisable to the extent that you have access to enough money or capital to conduct your first few experiments. However, small business counselors, mentors, and the SBA often encourage ALL fledgling businesses to write a business plan. This advice is just down right [...]

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Plan Then Execute vs. Plan And Execute

Lean StartupI love to hunt, and as a hunter I spend a lot of time and money on my equipment, (rifles, bullets, bows, and arrows) to make sure that everything is well aligned and will produce consistent results. However, a key to any hunting success is hitting your target, which requires [...]

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