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A College Degree and Entrepreneurship in the Millennial Generation

Recently, I was speaking at a local community college about the value of an entrepreneurial mindset. While there, one student asked me,

How important do you think a college degree is to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

The question was a bit awkward since I was the guest speaker with no college education and there were a bunch of young adults [...]

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Conserve Energy by Changing

The other day I went fishing and on my way home, I spotted a bunch of rafters floating on the Arkansas River. I got to thinking that sometimes it is harder to maintain your position when the world around you is moving. For the rafters to remain in one spot, it would take a considerable amount of effort. Sometimes you are [...]

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The Advanced Degree

Most people think that to earn more money you have to have an advanced degree. You may think that if you have a Bachelor's degree, but aren't making enough money, the answer is to go back to school and get your Master's degree. Then you'll earn more money, right? If you already have a Master's degree and still need more [...]

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Macroeconomic Forces and the Business Model Canvas

The next and final environmental forces block is “Macroeconomic Forces.” This section is used to determine if your business model can adjust to macroeconomic shifts. This is where keeping up with current events is important. In addition to watching the world and local news programs each day, I use an internet news aggregator that searches various news sources and delivers [...]

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Academic Education Overrated

Many successful entrepreneurs know that being successful is not about academic education. Instead, they know that being successful is about focus and persistence. Many successful entrepreneurs are high school and college dropouts. They quit school because they didn't see the purpose of what they were learning. Many school curriculums are too narrow or too broad in scope. They are also outdated and [...]

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Public Schools Are Broken

We all know that schools exist to teach our kids. However, what they teach may not be what you think. The first schools in America were created in New England and primarily taught religion. However, while schools have evolved to teach reading, writing, math, and science, they still teach values to our children. Classrooms have always been a way to [...]

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An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Education and Success

As you might imagine I have the occasion to speak to lots of successful business people and spend much of my time trying to understand what attributes make for a successful entrepreneur. One difference I see is how non-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs approach education. The vast majority of my friends that have successful jobs working for large corporations [...]

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