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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week December 17 2016

5 tips to becoming an encore entrepreneur

USA TODAY By: Robert Powell 636156931012986088-donald-smith-oeeThey go by various names - encore entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs, and elder entrepreneurs. But no matter the label, at least one thing seems certain: Self-employment among seniors is rising. Read the full story

Want to Be Extremely Persuasive? 9 Science-Backed Ways to Become [...]

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Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week December 3 2016

Passionate Curiosity Is the Game Changer You Seek

Entrepreneur By: Stacy Alcorn 20161121205049-gettyimages-184314101 “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” -- Albert Einstein Some call me nosey, others deem me highly curious, but I have spent the last decade reaching out to business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and world changers, to inquire [...]

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