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6 More Powerful Marketing Channels That Rent You Access to Prospects

When it comes to marketing channels there are 12 channels which can rent you access to their audience for a fee. These 12 marketing channels attract a particular demographic based on their content and will rent you access to their customers for a fee. Previously we discussed the first six channels.

Small Business Stories – Pick of the Week May 20, 2017

Running a Business is not Rocket Science, but These Key Competencies Will Keep You Ahead of the Pack

Inc. By: Martin Zwilling  
Image credit: Getty Images
  Running a business is not rocket science. Investors often look for key competencies in the founder(s) before looking at the business. So what are the right attributes of [...]

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How to Make the Most of Networking Events

Over the past several months, I have attended dozens of networking events and what strikes me most is the lack of real understanding of how effective networking works. Many businesses think networking is just meeting people. Networking is much more than just meeting people and exchanging business cards! A properly constructed networking plan can lead to phenomenal business success. Yet, [...]

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How to Achieve a Word-of-Mouth Epidemic

Malcolm Gladwell in his best selling book, “The Tipping Point,” identified 3 archetypes that are necessary to achieve a word-of-mouth epidemic: connectors, mavens, and salespeople. Connectors Connectors act as the social glue that holds everyone together. They are very connected to other people. They act as a bridge between you and others in their very expansive social circles. Connectors have a [...]

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Network Events are Not About Selling

Networking events for me are not about selling, but for listening and gathering intelligence. You will be viewed as a great conversationalist at networking events if you resist the urge to sell and get the other person to talk about themselves and their business. One of the questions I ask nearly all new contacts is “What keeps you up at night?” This [...]

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No Network vs. Large Network

Most people underestimate the power of referrals, while entrepreneurs know that referral marketing creates wealth. They participate on panels, non-profit boards, and other functions, most often for free and without any expectation of a direct return.  However, the results of their efforts give them large personal networks that return dividends in many unexpected ways. With the exception [...]

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What is the Balance of Your Network Deposits Account?

The best salesman I ever knew was a master of network deposits. He was an insurance salesman by the name of Dan Nowels. Every six months or so he would invite me to lunch. When I showed up he was never alone. He always had someone that provided some type of business service, such as a bookkeeper, CPA, banker, or [...]

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