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Factors that Effect Business Value

There are several factors that can positively and negatively affect the value of a business from the point of view of the buyer. Some common factors that add value to a business include:

  • The organization, including its employees and internal processes
  • Its reputation in the industry
  • How well the business fits with the acquiring business, including the [...]

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Why Owners Sell Their Business

I teach a boot camp class each month for our local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). There is portion of this course that looks at the three ways to become a business owner. These ways include: buying a business, buying a franchise, and starting from scratch. As I discuss the option of buying an existing business, I [...]

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Recasting Financial Reports When Selling Your Business

When it is time for an owner to sell his business, the wise seller will “recast” his financial reports to create a clearer and often better impression of his business for the buyer to see. If you are the buyer and the seller has not recast his financial statements, you'll want to recast them yourself to get a better picture [...]

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