We are happy to be the trusted source for your small business advice. For a start, you are taking a step in the right direction. Below you will see nine choices from where you can start your exploration of our knowledge database. Once you select a starting point you will be presented with content in the form of posts, videos and tools you can download. You will also be presented with additional options to further explore content that is relevant to your specify educational needs and business situation. Give is a try!


One of the biggest issues every new or seasoned small business owner faces is a lack of good and timely business advice.

Small Business Advice Navigator

However we also know that having access to a quality small business mentor when you need it is not always possible and that is why we created this small business advice navigator.

 This small business advice navigator is designed to help you navigate the content in our database and deliver information in a more structured manner so you can digest the information in a similar way that a mentor might deliver it.

We believe to be all that you can be as a business owner you need to have some kind of mentor to help your to better understand all your options and provide you guidance.

As we have come to discover, many businesses fail because the owner doesn’t know what they doesn’t know. 

To use

As you use the Small Business Advice Navigator feature of SteveBizBlog, you will be frequently presented with some relevant content that we recommend you explore.

We sometimes address a single issue with multiple posts. You can read just one of them to get a basic understanding and move on or read several of them to get a slightly different prospective on the same topic. It is up to you on how much you explore based on you level or knowledge and time commitments.

Often the relevant content on a given page is followed by several more options that will take you on a unique journey.

Additionally, in some posts, you will see links to other posts or tools. You are encouraged to explore each of these links as well.

You can always go back at any time and explore other paths as you drill down and explore each area in more detail.

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